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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2015

Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2015

The first Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2015 in North America took place on April 29th 2015 at the Encore Resorts in Las Vegas. The forum focused on Hitachi’s vision of Social Innovation and how Hitachi plans to implement this vision, through approaches that are:

  • Innovative: more customer-focused, increasingly globalized R&D, with on-site customer collaboration.
  • Inclusive: creative collaboration with global stakeholders to accelerate Social Innovation Business.
  • Sustainable: improved ways of sharing Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business with stakeholders in long-term, financially sound ways.

The Hitachi Social Innovation Forum featured one of the largest gatherings of Hitachi senior management, including Chairman & CEO Hiroaki Nakanishi, President & COO Toshiaki Higashihara, Chief Executive for the Americas Jack Domme, and General Manager for Hitachi’s Central Research Laboratory Norihiro Suzuki, as well as numerous leaders from industry, academia, government and research institutions. Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business has enabled the company to focus on the major issues and challenges facing the world, in areas such as healthcare, safety and security, infrastructure, and sustainable water and energy resources.

Through its Social Innovation Business, Hitachi is using advanced Information Technology (IT) and Data Analytics, combined with extensive manufacturing expertise, to drive social infrastructure innovation that will improve convenience, comfort and safety in people's everyday lives.

HSIF Highlights

In driving any new strategy, there is always the challenge of testing whether a concept that sounds correct in theory can actually work in practice – that clear actionable steps can be taken from the idea of Social Innovation and implemented to truly address the world’s social challenges. The first step in this process involves engaging in deep, meaningful discussions among recognized thought leaders and experts, resulting in anticipated outcomes and next steps. This was the goal of Hitachi’s Social Innovation Forum. To capture these discussions, as well as the experience of being at this unique event, Hitachi has developed this April 2015 HSIF E-Book - an interactive PDF white paper that captures some of the best HSIF discussions, both in text and through videos. Please look for the play icon (arrow within the circle highlighted by the red callout boxes, starting on page 4). The E-Book also contains facts and figures that highlight the need to resolve the world’s growing social infrastructure challenges.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business can be used to benefit various industries and society was addressed during five panel discussions.

Panel 1

Social Innovation Business: Taking the Lead

Taking the Lead

This panel, which included participation by Hitachi’s Chairman and CEO, as well as Hitachi’s Chief Executive for the Americas, focused on how business leaders can take a leadership role in the Social Innovation Business through new forms of collaborative creation and inclusion.


Hiroaki Nakanishi
Chairman & CEO
Hitachi, Ltd.
Jack Domme
Chief Executive for the Americas, Hitachi, Ltd. CEO
Hitachi Data Systems
Norihiro Suzuki
General Manager, Central Research Laboratory
Hitachi, Ltd.
Kevin Eggleston
Senior Vice President Social Innovation and Global Industries
Hitachi Data Systems
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Panel 2

Social and Industrial Infrastructure: It’s Our Future

Our Future

This panel discussion focused on how Social Innovation Business can positively impact fundamental social issues including energy management, resource preservation, recycling and issues related to water. Hitachi, Ltd. President Higashihara introduced Autonomous Decentralized Systems, an innovative concept that offers an inclusive solution for driving improved, more sustainable social infrastructure.


Patricia Mulroy
Senior Fellow for Climate Adaptation and Environmental Policy, Brookings Mountain West
Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
Toshiaki Higashihara
President & COO,
Hitachi, Ltd.
Umeshwar Dayal, Ph.D.
Vice President and Senior Fellow Information Research, Big Data Lab Research & Development Division
Hitachi America, Ltd.
Hans Lindeman
Senior Vice President Hitachi Convergence EMEA
Hitachi Consulting Corporation
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Panel 3

Moving Ahead: Innovation in Connected Car and Infrastructure

Innovation in Connected Car and Infrastructure

This panel discussion focused on how our lives will be enhanced by new “Connected Car” technologies that will operate in tandem with smart infrastructure and smart transportation systems. A core technology of the future global society, a fully integrated transportation system will open the door for new services/businesses.


Balaji Prabhakar, Ph.D.
Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Stanford University
George Saikalis, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President R&D Automotive Products Research Laboratory
Hitachi America, Ltd.
Phil Townsend
Vice President, Global Services
Hitachi Data Systems
Paul Lachner
President, Clarion Corporation of America
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Panel 4

Connected Security: Big Data Driving New Levels of Safety

Big Data Driving New Levels of Safety

This panel discussion focused on how the Social Innovation Business will be used to create solutions that collect, manage and disseminate data from public safety, smart city and operational systems.


Mark Jules
Vice President Public Safety & Visualization Solutions
Hitachi Data Systems
Darrin Lipscomb
Senior Director Public Safety & Visualization Solutions
Hitachi Data Systems
Chris Jensen
Director, Public Safety & Visualization Solutions
Hitachi Data Systems
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Panel 5

Connected Care: Advancing Healthcare Through Social Innovation

Healthcare Through Social Innovation

This panel discussion focused on how technology is changing the way healthcare is delivered and received . Big data and new technologies have the potential to lead to better outcomes for patients, better diagnostic and treatment tools for providers and increased efficiency and security for healthcare facilities.


Melissa Piasecki, MD
Professor of Psychiatry Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
University of Nevada School of Medicine
George Tolomiczenko, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology and Biomedical Engineering Administrative Director Health, Technology, and Engineering Program
University of Southern California
Bill Burns
Vice President, Global Health and Life Sciences
Hitachi Data Systems
Chris Japp
Chairman, Hitachi Aloka Medical
America, Inc.
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Hitachi Social Innovation
Social Innovation
Social Innovation Forum
Social Innovation Forum 2015
Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2015
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