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Political Engagement

Political Engagement



Our Government Relations team closely tracks public policy developments at the federal level that directly affect Hitachi’s U.S. companies and communities. Drawing on our rich industry experience, we craft policy positions that reflect our singular vision for a more prosperous society. We responsibly communicate our opinions to key stakeholders so as to contribute to the public discourse and enrich the policymaking process. 

We aim to shape policy outcomes, and we adhere to the strictest ethical standards. We are committed to carrying out our mission with the utmost integrity and transparency.


To create a policy climate that generates jobs and produces novel technologies, we directly engage influential lawmakers in policy discussions and develop enduring relationships within the government. We share our story with public officials regardless of political affiliation, and our engagement strategy is dictated solely by company interests rather than the personal political preferences held by corporate leadership or the government affairs office.


We also amplify our message through partner organizations and in policy forums supported by think tanks. Our Government Relations team works in concert with several trade associations in which Hitachi is a member. Through these associations, we are able to access industry-specific analysis and organize industry-specific advocacy campaigns. Membership in a trade association does not suggest that Hitachi supports every policy position taken by an association or the issues they choose to elevate and take action on.

Member Organizations:

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM); Global Business Alliance (GBA).

Political Contributions

While we carefully monitor political progress, Hitachi is politically neutral. In accordance with federal law, Hitachi does not contribute corporate funds to federal candidates, national political party committees, or political committees at either the state or local level. While employees are encouraged to be civically engaged, Hitachi does not have an employee-sponsored political action committee.

Hitachi pays membership fees and dues to trade associations, but we direct our U.S. trade associations to avoid using Hitachi’s corporate funds to make independent campaign expenditures or to contribute to local, state, or federal candidates.