Social Innovation Solutions

Hitachi, through its Social Innovation Business, is accelerating transformation by collaborating with partners from diverse industries to create new social, environmental and economic value. We co-create social innovation solutions and facilitate digital transformation in crucial sectors like manufacturing, energy, transportation, IT and more, to help build an efficient and sustainable future.

As pioneers in developing class-leading OT and IT technologies, we seek to improve the overall quality of life by providing intelligent and resilient social infrastructure through our advanced digital solutions.

Smart manufacturing solutions


Hitachi, through Social Innovation Business, merges IT and OT along with other advanced technologies including Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, is transforming the global manufacturing sector in an efficient and sustainable manner.

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Sustainable energy solutions


Hitachi, with its vast experience in OT and IT, brings Social Innovation in the global energy sector by integrating energy systems with advanced digital technologies for a stable, yet sustainable power supply.

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environmentally sustainable modes of transportation


Hitachi, as a comprehensive mobility systems integrator, brings Social Innovation Business in transportation segment through our advanced rail systems, road and airport management solutions along with developments in electric vehicle technology.

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Healthcare technology and innovation

Life & Economy

Hitachi strives to establish a more human, hospitable society by extending Social Innovation Business through our advanced technological expertise in a variety of spheres including healthcare, financial services and public services.

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sustainable urban development and smart spaces

Urban Development

Hitachi, through collaborative creation, develops urban service infrastructure solutions and supports various initiatives in building management and security systems to keep people safe, operations running efficiently and businesses thriving.

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Water Innovation and sustainable water technology


Hitachi, as a part of Social Innovation Business, strives to establish highly efficient water infrastructures and systems for safe and reliable water supplies, thus ensuring optimal resource utilization.

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physical and cyber security consulting and technology solutions


Hitachi strives to secure the entire value chain through robust, multi-layered organizational, operational and systematic security solutions inspired by a unique security approach.

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business intelligence and data analytics solutions


Hitachi analytics and ICT products help clients step into the era of digital transformation by integrating operational data and big data while extracting powerful business insights for informed business decisions.

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data-driven Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Hitachi aims to reach the next level of artificial intelligence with ‘H’, a data-driven AI that can be applied to the existing infrastructures in railways, finance, water plants and manufacturing, among others.

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Advanced IoT-enabled Robotics


Hitachi co-creates with clients and merges robotics and advanced IoT platforms, thus opening new avenues of value creation while bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds.

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Smart spaces and Smart city technology solutions

A Future of Possibilities

By bringing together the world's greatest minds, we can breathe life into new possibilities and make the planet a safer, smarter and healthier place.

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