At Hitachi, we consider UN-established SDGs an initiative which is crucial for realizing a sustainable society and improving people’s quality of life by solving social, environmental, and economic issues. We are committed to contributing towards achieving the SDGs by leveraging our Social Innovation Business and driving sustainability across industries and society.

As a global conglomerate, Hitachi operates in various business fields and we believe that our conscious actions should not only fulfil our financial objectives but simultaneously reduce negative social and environmental impact. Besides, we understand how all the SDGs are mutually related and through innovative solutions, we will keep contributing towards all 17 SDGs, directly and indirectly.

Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

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Sustainable Development Goals

Ongoing Sustainability Activities in the US

Community Involvement and Development

Community Involvement and Development

Hitachi group companies give back to their local communities by donating time and resources.

Hitachi Corporate Commitments

Corporate Commitments

See how Hitachi incorporates sustainability into its business practices through human rights, labor practices and supply chain management.

Hitachi Environment Solutions


We strive to minimize the environmental impacts of our business operations and the original products that we develop.

Our Global Contribution

Sustainability icon 2021 Sustainability Report

Learn more about how Hitachi is actively advancing activities that contribute to sustainability globally.

Sustainability icon Management Message

Hitachi is cultivating a self-directed corporate culture where sustainability perspectives are reflected in management decision making.

Sustainability icon CSR Management Framework

Hitachi is integrating its management and CSR by incorporating CSR into routine business practices.

Connecting employees to their communities.

A CSR model in Southern California.

Hitachi is Driving Decarbonization and Unlocking Economic Opportunity

Participation in Initiatives

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