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A Message From The General Manager

Critical Moment

Moments of national crisis tend to clarify the relationship between government and society. As vulnerabilities and inequalities are laid bare, the country is forced to measure the distance from where we are and where we should be. Together, the public and private sectors must also answer: Where do we wish to go?.

The United States is facing an array of profound challenges requiring a whole-of-society response, from the existential threat posed by climate change, to the COVID-19 pandemic and the struggle for racial justice. These crises, which upended American society in 2020, warrant newfound levels of public and private sector engagement and a fresh public policy framework for the future. Hitachi’s Government Relations team is working with policy makers at all levels of government to create a policy ecosystem that unleashes the type of American innovation needed to solve these pressing challenges.

Mission Driven

Hitachi’s modern corporate identity was forged in crisis. In September 1923, a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan and triggered a 40-foot high tsunami that devasted the Keihin region, home to Yokohama and Tokyo. Subsequent fires further ravaged the region’s wooden structures and knocked out electricity, making the Great Kanto Earthquake Japan's worst natural disaster at the time. Suffering only minimal damage, Hitachi reconfigured its factories to produce electrical substation equipment and transformers around-the-clock for the devasted region. Foregoing more lucrative orders, Hitachi’s founder, Namihei Odaira, justified the decision by saying, “Our Hitachi is Japan's Hitachi."

American Partner

For more than sixty years, Hitachi has also been America’s Hitachi, bolstering U.S. competitiveness through the development of cutting-edge Social Innovation Business technologies and solutions. Today, Hitachi Group companies operate across five sectors in 32 states, and in the last three years alone, Hitachi has invested more than $4 billion in the U.S.—$400 million of which went to R&D centers. Through digital technologies, we are transforming the country’s social infrastructure and unlocking new social, economic, and environmental opportunities through Digital Transformation.


Hitachi remains committed to solving society’s most pressing challenges, and I am confident that by partnering with policy makers and other technology leaders, we can co-create a future that is sustainable, equitable, and prosperous.


Kenichiro Mizoguchi signature

Kenichiro Mizoguchi

General Manager, Hitachi, Ltd.

Washington Corporate Office